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IT recruitment agencies

The primary alternative to our service is recruitment, so it is natural fit for us to partner with recruitment agencies that specialise in the IT sector.

How does it work?

Any good recruiter will spend time and effort to understand what the client needs, and from time to time it will be apparent that your client has a scenario that would benefit from our service. Some typical scenarios include:

  • Loss of key development resource during a software project
  • Missing in-house skills for existing software project
  • Replacing staff turnover caused by a toxic software project
  • Additional resource to work on a behind-schedule software project

When you identify that a client might benefit from our service, you put them in touch with us, we then liaise with the client directly (thereby conforming with HMRC rules in relation to IT consultancies) and if they engage our services we will pay you 20% on top of our daily rate, or a minimum £120 per day, whichever is higher. We are happy to formalise this arrangement contractually as necessary.

What's in it for you?

Apart from the commission we offer. In addition, partnering with us offers valuable risk-reduction for those difficult projects that you would send our way. If you know a project is in trouble, the chances are you would be looking to send your best contract developers to maximise the chance of success. This introduces risk to your business in that these projects are more difficult, and often result in stressful work environments. This makes the chances of recruitment failure greater, and you also run the risk of disenfranchising the valuable development resource that you send to work on it. In the worst case, you could encounter both issues leaving you with a dissatisfied client and a dissatisfied contractor, with the potential risk of losing both.

We have a specialist team that is 100% focused on this kind of difficult project, thereby offering a greater chance of success. By partnering with us, you can have all the potential benefits of a successful contract placement, with significantly reduced risk. These benefits include:

  • Ability to offer a new alternative to your clients that has a higher degree of success
  • Generous percentage-based commission, similar to supplying a contractor
  • Slightly higher day-rates than most contract resource make your percentage even more attractive
  • Eliminates the risk of alienating your valuable contract resource
  • Eliminates the risk of failed recruitment (reputation hit, client loss)
  • Association with a business that has a growing reputation of excellence within the industry
  • Clients who ask us for recruitment help will be referred to our strategic partners

Please note that to set up an agreement between our companies you will almost certainly need director-level approval and involvement, it is worth having that conversation internally before getting in touch with us.

What are the risks?

The main concerns you probably have at this point are:

  • How do we know you're paying us what we are due?
  • What if you steal our client? What business protection is there?

We are looking to develop long-term strategic partnerships - we envisage that you will continue to send us new business, and it is not in our interest to jeopardise that by short-changing you. To that end you will receive your percentage of any revenue generated by clients that you introduce to us for the initial contract, and for any other work we undertake with that client (even if they contact us directly) for a contractually-agreed period of time. In addition, at the request of existing clients, we offer recruitment advice to help our clients define the key skills and abilities they need. Whenever we are engaged in this way we refer our clients to our recruitment partners for sourcing.

In a nutshell: you get a new service you can sell that fits within your existing model, your clients get a specialist service with reduced risk and greater success rates, and we gain new business. Win, win, win.

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