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Our clients come to us to prevent a software project from failing, or to recover when it already has, as well as for emergency software repairs. None of these scenarios are something that a business or organisation wants to advertise, so we do not publish a client list, and you will never see a wall in our office with client logos. In addition, our staff are contractually obliged to avoid disclosing any of our client names externally. We have taken these steps so that our clients and prospective clients can come to us with confidence that we can not only help them, but that we will protect their reputation with complete discretion about our involvement.


Code Cleaners were remarkably effective in both their communication and technical ability. They helped us to get client sign off for this troublesome project, and their mediation was so effective that we were unexpectedly retained for ongoing maintenance and training.

A software vendor - completion of a toxic project.

Case studies


Code Cleaners not only finished our project to the original client deadline, they improved the code significantly and we have had very few support requests as a result. The fact that we had no documentation or in-house knowledge of this system to hand over makes this achievement all the more impressive.

A digital agency - recovery from loss of key resource.

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