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Who are Code Cleaners?

Code Cleaners Ltd was founded to offer businesses and organisations an alternative to recruitment when a software project goes wrong. Our comprehensive suite of services are specially designed for software project rescue and to mitigate the risk of a failing software project. We also support businesses with ad-hoc emergency software repairs.


Our goal is to reduce software project failure rates across the industry, and ultimately to become the global leader in software recovery services.

Vini Holden, Managing Director

About the founder

Founder and managing director Vini Holden has been working as a developer for over 15 years. In his early career he worked for major global IT companies including CSC and EDS. Originally a C developer, he has been using web technologies since the late 1990's and he moved into web development full time shortly after his development career began. Since then he has gained a degree in Computer Science from Cardiff University, and has worked with and for a wide range of businesses and organisations in a number of sectors including hospitality, gaming, marketing, media, finance, security, and e-commerce. Vini has specialised in software project rescue for most of his career.


Peter Carless, Problem Solver Vini Holden, Managing Director Kenny Holden, Problem Solver

About the team

We encourage and train our developers to have a good understanding of and technical ability with all aspects of a system, from dev-ops and server administration, through to front-end and data visualisation. Each developer does have an area of special focus, and our team includes specialists in PHP, C#, security, and front-end.

Skills and experience

Some of the technologies we have experience with include: