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Code Cleaners - software project rescue specialists.

Software development and IT technology development are complex activities that require careful planning, and contain a lot of risk factors. Recent studies suggest that more than two-thirds of IT technology projects undertaken fail. In an industry prized for its innovation, we think this is simply unacceptable. As the growth in demand for skilled IT staff continues to outpace the supply, there are fewer and fewer options available to business and organisations that run into trouble with a software project. Code Cleaners offer an alternative that is low risk, with high success rates, and is more cost effective than the alternative options.


Success is improbable for 68% of technology projects undertaken.

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Software Development Risk Factors

  • Poorly defined requirements: requirements gathering is both the most crucial phase and the most difficult to get right, so this is the most common cause of project failure.
  • Over estimation of in-house resource capability: development projects often present unexpected challenges, and it is easy to over-estimate your in-house capabilities.
  • Feature creep: it is difficult to complete a project successfully when the goalposts keep moving.
  • Loss of key resource: there are any number of risks to your development resource, common examples include accident, illness, and resignation. Losing a key development resource can be extremely damaging, particularly if the loss comes at a critical project phase. The smaller teams and businesses, with the most limited resources, are at the greatest risk.
  • Over-selling: another common scenario we encounter is where the sales team have sold a solution without proper technical consultation, and it quickly becomes apparent that the timescales, and sometimes offered functionality or performance, are not feasible given project constraints.

How can we help?

Code Cleaners offer software project rescue services that are specifically designed to help you recover when you encounter one or more of the above issues, or indeed any issues with your software development project. Software project Triage and software project Recovery are our flagship offerings, and we supplement these services with software project Mediation and Advice. For more information please visit our services page. We also offer emergency ad-hoc software repair.

What are the alternatives?

The main alternative to Code Cleaners service is securing extra resource; this comes in the form of permanent or temporary staff, or out-sourcing. Each has its drawbacks, but some of the key considerations include:

  • High cost: the more urgent your requirement, the more you're going to pay for the resource you desperately need, whereas we offer standard rates.
  • Recruitment timescales: recruitment takes time. You have to find, assess, interview, arrange contracts, and so on. Even with the help of recruitment agencies this process can often be too slow to save the project, or client trust. Particularly in the extremely competitive development market. Whereas our specialist teams are already there, complete with the skill sets your project needs, and we can and do move very quickly to help you. In addition, we do not undertake work that we aren't absolutely sure we can handle.
  • Recruitment failure: no amount of technical tests, interviews, personality tests, or assessment activities can guarantee that the people you hire will be up to the task, or fit well with your existing team and culture. Whereas carefully balanced teams, and our focus on specifically the issues you're experiencing, means the chances of success are far greater with us.
  • Outsource to competitors: the out-sourcing option is often even more expensive than recruitment, and just as fraught with risk, particularly if what you need help with is a project that has derailed. Savvy competitors will spy an opportunity to gain new clients. Whereas we offer no competing services, so the risk is nil.

What makes us different?

Our sole focus on software project recovery, software project rescue, and software repair gives us an advantage due to our specialism in addressing issues with software projects. Through this experience we have developed working practices and tools that help us to help you. But what we do is only part of the picture, what we don't do is almost as important. We do not undertake greenfield projects (new builds), we do not offer design services, and we do not offer rolling support or maintenance contracts.

This is important for three reasons:

  1. We do not dilute our skill set, or spend any time working on things other than our core services. This is important because it continues to allow us to put all of our effort, energy, and ideas into improving our software project recovery and software project rescue services.
  2. We do not offer services that compete with our clients, and by eliminating ourselves from consideration for these types of work, our clients can be confident in engaging our services without fear of losing clients to us. We are here to help you, not to compete with you.
  3. Our pricing strategy is linked to our performance and success, in this way we are able to demonstrate our confidence by sharing your risk when you engage with us. This added value to our service gives you some assurance of our capability, but also gives us the opportunity to help you reduce the cost of a software project, by potentially delivering early.

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